Unlike in 2010, the municipal council in Tannourin was not elected by acclamation this year. Instead, there was a cutthroat competition between the Tannourin-born MP Boutros Harb and a coalition consisting of the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement.  

The Tannourin municipality consisted of four neighborhoods
and eighteen members:

In 2012, the Free Patriotic Movement separated Shatin, where it has great popularity, from Tannourin. An independent 12-member municipality was introduced in Shatin pursuant to Decision no. 282 dated February 24, 2012 whereas the Tannourin municipality maintained its eighteen seats. 

2010 Elections

All sixteen members in Tannourin Al-Fawqa (11 candidates), Tannourin Al-Tahta (three candidates) and Shatin (two candidates) won uncontested in 2010 and competition was limited over the two seats earmarked for Wata Houb. The list that won at that time was supported by MP Boutros Harb and the Lebanese Forces. 

2016 Elections

Following the alliance of the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement, the electoral scene shifted from acclamation into a battle fought by the contesters- minister Boutros Harb, the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement- to validate their weight in the area. 
The lists running for municipal office were the following:
- Decision of Tannourin: a list backed by Minister Boutros Harb and the Phalanges and headed by Bahaa Harb and his deputy Sami Mrad. The presidency was to be rotated between the two.  
- Tannourin Brings Us Together: a list headed by the retired Brigadier general Ayoub Harb and endorsed by the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces. 
With an average of 2,509 votes (56.6% of the total vote), the Decision of Tannourin list won the elections by a margin of 885 votes against its rival which obtained 1,624 votes or roughly 36.7%. 
The lowest vote gainer on the winning list surpassed the top vote gainer on the losing one by 660 votes, a number indicating the fervor of competition and the voters’ commitment to their lists.