The alliance of the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement failed to achieve victory in the municipal elections of Sin El-Fil. There were many reasons for their defeat foremost of which the parties’ non-abidance by the list that the alliance endorsed and the fact that there were some partisan candidates running on the rival list headed by the Head of the Municipality Nabil Kahhaleh. Kahhaleh’s list won in its totality by large margin. 

2010 Elections
In 2010, two lists competed over the municipal seats in Sin El-Fil:
- Towards a Better Sin El-Fil: a list chaired by Nabil Kahhaleh and backed by the Phalanges, the Lebanese Forces and MP Michel El-Murr.
- An Opportunity for Change: a FPM-backed list 
The first list won 2,791 to 1,482 or roughly 50.8% to 32.1% of the total vote.

2016 Elections
This year, the Lebanese Forces joined with the Free Patriotic Movement in confrontation of the 
Head of the Municipality Nabil Kahhaleh who was backed by the Phalanges, MP Michel El-Murr and some of the LF and FPM supporters. Two lists were formed:
- Sin El-Fil for a Better Tomorrow: a list headed by Nabil Kahhaleh. 
- Sin El-Fil Brings Us Together: a list headed by Joseph Shaoul and backed by the LF and the FPM.

The first list won in its totality obtaining an average of 2,794 votes accounting for 61.5% of the total vote against 40.1% for its contender, which gained an average of 1,820 votes, meaning 974 votes less than the winner compared to a difference of 1,309 votes in 2010.