Deir El-Kamar is one of the largest Maronite towns in Mount Lebanon. It is symbolic for being the hometown of Camille Chamoun, one of the most prominent presidents of the republic and Maronite leaders. In the past, Deir El-Kamar was a pivotal political center from which Mount Lebanon was governed. The municipal battle in the town was therefore highly important in gauging the general Maronite mood in El-Shouf. The results proved very disappointing for MP Dory Chamoun who could only secure one seat against an alliance including the Free Patriotic Movement and the Progressive Socialist Party. 

2010 Elections
Two lists ran for municipal office in 2010:
- The “Deiri Consensus” list backed by the National Liberal Party, the Lebanese Forces and some dignitaries such as Brigadier general Adonis Nehmeh.  
- The “Deir El-Kamar” list headed by the head of the municipality Fadi Hnein and endorsed by the Free Patriotic Movement, former Minister Naji Boustany and a number of the town’s dignitaries. 
The first list obtained 1,329 votes or 45.5% of all the votes cast thus snatching thirteen seats against five seats for the rival list which amassed an average of 1,232 votes constituting 42.2%. The council elected Antoine Boustany as Head of the Municipality and Pierre Jamil Adwan (brother of MP George Adwan) as his deputy. However, the disputes soon erupted in the council resulting in the resignation of over half of its members (11 members known to be supported by the LF and the NLP resigned following disputes with Naji Boustany’s supporters) and subsequently the dissolution of the council in May 2014. 

2016 Elections
There was a shift in alliances in 2016 as the Lebanese Forces united with the Free Patriotic Movement in the face of a coalition including former minister Naji Boustany, Dory Chamoun and the former Head of the Municipality Fadi Hnein. The following two lists were formed: 
- Deir El-Kamar Baldati: a list headed by former ambassador Melhem Mesto and backed by the LF, the FPM, the PSP and a number of families.
- The Decision for Deir El-Kamar: a list headed by the former Head of the Municipality Fadi Hnein and endorsed by Naji Boustany, MP Dory Chamoun, the Phalanges and Tracy Chamoun, who is close to the FPM.
Deir El-Kamar Baldati won an average of 1,556 votes (47.2% of the total votes) securing 12 seats in the council against six seats for the second list, which amassed an average of 1,436 votes (43.6% of the total vote). It was striking that Pierre Adwan ranked among the foremost losers and that the share of MP Dory Chamoun was restricted to only one seat. On the "Deir El-Kamar Baldati" list, two PSP candidates passed through along with three LF candidates, two for the FPM and five independents from different families. 
The difference between the lowest vote-gainer on the winning list and the top vote-gainer on the losing one was 404 votes.