The Lebanese Forces Party enjoys great popularity in Bsharri, as the city is the birthplace of both its leader Samir Geagea and his wife Strida. Although the city’s notable families do not fare worse in terms of popular recognition, they have often refrained from running head-to-head against the LF and the municipal elections were frequently won by quasi-acclamation. The equation changed in 2016 as some of the families decided to contest the elections and confront the LF-backed list.

2010 Elections
In 2010, the LF supported the "Bsharri Progresses" list chaired by Antoine Khoury Tawq against eight candidates who were backed by some of the Bsharri families. The LF-backed list achieved a sweeping win scooping 60.4% (an average of 2,439 votes) of the total vote. The last winner on the LF list defeated the top losing candidate by a margin of 528 votes. The difference between the average votes of the winning list and those of the rival candidates amounted to roughly 1,450 votes. 

2016 Elections
This year, two lists contested the municipal elections:
- The LF-backed “Development and Loyalty for Bsharri” list headed by Freddy Kairouz.
- The “Bsharri Mawten Qalbi” list headed by Joe Khalifeh Rahmeh and backed by Bsharri’s families and a number of LF supporters who challenged the LF list.
The "Development and Loyalty for Bsharri" list won all seats in the municipal council, amassing an average of 3,016 votes or 58.3% of the total vote. The rival list obtained 2,010 votes, i.e. 38.9% of the final vote. 931 votes separated the lowest vote-gainer on the winning list and the top vote-gainer on the losing one and 1,006 between the two lists.