The Amal Movement and Hezbollah formed electoral lists in the majority of towns in South Lebanon and Beqa’a where they have a large sphere of influence. Although their alliance swept the election in most towns, they were occasionally opposed by active rivals who were able to gain traction and to achieve partial wins against Amal and Hezbollah in several towns, such as Srifa. 

2010 Elections 
In 2010, two lists ran against each other in Srifa:
- The "Loyalty and Development' list including nine candidates for the Amal Movement and six for Hezbollah. 
- The list consisting of the Communist Party and SSNP alliance. 
The first list secured 13 seats in the council whereas the second won two, therby defeating two Amal Movement candidates. The first scored an average of 1,051 votes accounting for 45.8% of the vote and the second 701 votes or 30.6%. 

2016 Elections 
The same scenario played out in 2016 with two lists contesting the election:
- The "Development and Loyalty" list backed by the Amal Movement and Hezbollah.
- An incomplete 12-member list backed by the Lebanese Communist Party and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. 

The first list won nine seats to six. It amassed an average of 1,186 votes or roughly 39.7% against 875 votes or 23.4% for the second list, a score that implies a decline in support for Hezbollah and Amal compared to 2010.